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Upper Kirby-West U Apartments that work with Bad Credit Broken Lease

Upper Kirby-West U Apartments that work with Bad Credit Broken Lease

Over 60 Apartment Communities in the Upper Kirby-West U-Highland Village Area of Houston.

What Luxury Apartment Upper Kirby – West U Community will work with Bad Credit or a Broken Lease or Even an Eviction ?  832.916.2926

Upper Kirby West U Luxury Apartments Bad Credit OK – Apartment Gorilla Specializes in Leasing Luxury Apartment Communities who will work with Credit Issues – Bad Credit – Broken Lease – Foreclosure – Eviction – Bankruptcy – Late Pays – Student Loans – Tax Liens.
Every Situation is going to be Different; One Upper Kirby Community will work with a broken lease – The other will want a payment plan set up. One will work with A Broken Lease over a year and another West U Luxury Apartment Community will want it over three years. A lot of Factors come into play; Job history, re-established good rental, How old the issues are, Income, ETC…

We will go into a lot more detail later. First we need to Find you The Luxury Houston Apartment Community you Deserve – Some of the Questions we will have

  • Price Range –
  • Area you want to live
  • What are the Issues we will be working with
  • Broken Lease if so – How old is it? How much is owed? Any good rental after?
  • Eviction the same questions – Evictions are far harder to get approved, less and less Houston Apartment Communities want to work with an Eviction.

Not all Communities will work with all issues – Just because the Community is Featured on this site – Does not mean they will work with all issues.

We actually do have relationships with Manager and Leasing agents –


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