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Luxury Dallas Apartments

Luxury Dallas Apartments That work with a Felony

Luxury Dallas Apartments That work with a Felony

Dallas TX Apartments Misdemeanor Felony ?

Misdemeanor | Felony | Deferred | Misdemeanor Assault  |Approved ACCEPTED –  Dallas TX

Dallas TX. Apartments Misdemeanor Felony ?
Does it seem like everyone is working against you?  Misdemeanor Felony apartments Atlanta Expert can help. The Apartment Gorilla is an expert bad Misdemeanor Felony apartment finder, and is here to help you find your next home. 

Here are a few Examples of the Types of Luxury Communities we work with in Dallas

Misdemeanor Felony Apartments Dallas

First of all The Gorilla has built relationships with many apartment communities, leasing agents and managers, who are willing to work with past credit issues while following Their Companies Criteria. We help clients with Bad Credit, Broken Lease problems find Nice Luxury apartments to lease. Many of the relationships started when we first entered the Apartment Locating Business over 10 years ago.  Consequently we have helped Clients with the Following but not limited to Issues.

  • Lease Lux Dallas Apartments With a Misdemeanor and or Felony
  • Find Dallas Apartments that work a Deferred Felony
  • Locate Dallas Apartments that work with a Misdemeanor Assault
  • Rent Dallas Apartments that work with an Assault Charge
  • Dallas Apartments that accept a Non Violent Felony
  • Luxury Dallas Apartments Older Felony OK
  • Nice Dallas Apartments that works with a Felony
  • Misdemeanor – Felony Apartments


Management companies treat our customers with respect. Furthermore you have a much better chance of being approved when you go  through our service. because we will figure out what issues are holding you back, then direct you to the apartments that we know will be open to extending a lease.

Misdemeanor LEASE EXPERTS Dallas TX

Have you had trouble being approved to rent an apartment due to a Misdemeanor or a Felony  If you have a Misdemeanor or a Felony , you have a better chance with The Apartment Gorilla.  If you have had problems securing a Houston apartment, we will work hard to help you. No one can guarantee you an apartment however; you will be working with The Apartment Gorilla, our experience and knowledge offer the advantage of saving you time and frustration versus apartment finding on your own. In conclusion, let us find your next GORILLA APPROVED luxury community! 



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