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Second Chance Luxury Apartments and 8 things you should know ( Broken Lease and Evictions )

1. Many people don’t know that if you have a broken lease or eviction you can still rent a Luxury Apartment.

2. There are Luxury Apartments in Dallas / Ft Worth, Houston, Austin, and San Antonio area willing to except you if you have a broken lease or eviction depending on how long ago.

3. Broken Lease in most cases needs to be over a year with some good rental. Eviction in most cases over 3 years old.

4. If you have multiple rental debts on your credit for instance two broken leases or two evictions that is when it gets to be very difficult. Most apartments is willing to work with one but not two. There are some apartments still willing to except you but your choices will be limited.

5. Be prepared to pay an Extra Deposit.

6. You can still Lease a Luxury Apartments Community

7. If the issues if paid off it opens up more options

8. Call or Text the Gorilla

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