Second Chance Arlington Apartments
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Second Chance Dallas Arlington Apartments

Second Chance Dallas Arlington Apartments

Second Chance Apartments is a phrase you are seeing more and more. 

The Gorilla has been leasing Luxury Apartments that work with past rental and background issues for over 14 Years. 

Second Chance can be anything from Bad Credit to an Eviction; From a Misdemeanor to a Felony. 

A lot of times when leasing we rely on the relationships we have built to let us know what they will work with. (They, being the Apartment Communities) WE WILL NOT TARNISH OUR REPUTATION FOR ANYONE, EVER.

Here is a link to a few of our Testimonials and another to our Facebook page with over 5,900 Likes 

There is never a guarantee when it comes to being approved. However the more we know,  the better the chances of getting approved. For Example; There is a 17 Year old background issue that we know about and a minor misdemeanor POM about 1 year old that we DO NOT know about. (The Client did not tell us because they thought is was not a big deal) The manager states that the 17 year old issue falls within the criteria, the Application is processed and comes back Denied. Not knowing about the POM misdemeanor about a year earlier really hurt us. We have other communities that will lease us if we had known about all the issues.  

Another example is an older rental debt about 5 Years old. We have communities that will work with us; However if the client is under a current eviction (and does not tell us)  because its not on the credit they think it will slide through. This is not OK – This is a total waste of time for us and the Apartment Communities. (And a waste of money )

The Best thing to do is TEXT us at 832.426.7047

Good job and good job history is a must. 

We feel we are responsible for all clients we lease when our name is on the Guest card and application.  We believe in integrity above a quick buck.  






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