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Central Houston Apartments That Work with Bad Credit and or Broken Leases. Central Houston to me means anything inside the 610 Loop – Some of the Areas listed also extend to outside the 610 Loop. I do not want to waste your time writing about Apartments inside the loop and using a bunch of Key words to get ranked in google.  

We know of Communities in Central Houston that will work with Bad Credit. The Gorilla also knows of Apartments in Central Houston that will work with a Broken Lease or Eviction. 

When we are working with a Broken Lease or Eviction is going to depend on the following and not limited to.

  • How old is the Broken Lease or Eviction
  • How much is owed
  • Is a payment plan set up
  • How is your job history
  • If there are 2 rental issues we are going to be very limited
  • Price Range
  • Income

You may hear the term “No Credit Check” That is a bunch of Crap – More keywords to get ranked on Google. Every Community I know of checks credit and background – Different Communities combined with different management companies with work with different issues. 

If you made a mistake and you have the income / good job history – chances are we can help.


The Gorilla Specializes in Locating Luxury Apartments that work with Past Credit and Background issues. Testimonials 



Central Houston

Highland Village / Upper Kirby / West U

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