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Yes we are starting a moving business !!

We want to provide better service to our clients so we are starting a Houston Based Moving Company.

Follow us as we launch our Moving Company Apartment Gorilla Movers.

Currently we are buying a truck from either Penske or Ryder depending on who gets back to us. This has been a major issue. Penske has been more responsive.

Still up in the air if we should start with a 16 Foot or 26 foot truck.

Starting a moving company has been a dream of mine for many years. Its finally coming true. We finally have the Awesome team we need to move forward.

Our Launch Date in January 1.

Calling Penske and Ryder to day and see what we can accomplish

What Truck do we need to start our Houston Apartment Moving Business ?

Stay posted for a daily update as we work towards our launch.

Some of the things we need to get done

Finalize the purchase of our First Truck

  • Insurance
  • Logos on the truck

Software to run the company

Training set up / for us

Website Launched

Hire movers

Training for our crews

Purchase moving supplies

Launch Party

We are Starting a Houston Apartment Moving Business


  • Today we will be purchasing the insurance for the Truck and Business
  • Office is wanting to name the Truck Big Burtha
  • Tomorrow we will be purchasing the Softward and Training


Update on the moving company

First moves are Scheduled for Nov 28th / We are putting everything into overdrive.

  • Additional insurance needed (General Liability) (Cargo) (Workers Comp)
  • Finalize Purchase on our first truck
  • Logos on Vehicle
  • Purchase the Software
  • Training
  • Add to hire movers
  • Dispatcher


End of day

To get your TXDMV number you need to have your USDOT number to Apply.

Applying for USDOT number, half way through we are asked for a Arbitration Program Name.

Stay posted as we move forward getting our moving company set up.


Today we are waiting for the Arbitration company to let us know what they will need so we can move forward.

I guess we will also set up a meeting to go over the mover’s tarriff paperwork for our company. (Its getting Real)

This is What we found on

What is a mover’s tariff?

A mover’s tariff is a document provided to you by your moving company that outlines their rates, as well as any terms of service that are crucial for you to know about before moving day (for example: their cancellation policy or what services may incur additional fees). The tariff may be just one page, or it could be a dozen pages or more.

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, all interstate moving companies must provide their customers with a mover’s tariff upon request. The American Moving & Storage Association offers additional information on the federal laws surrounding mover’s tariffs and what they must include.

Here is a link to read more on this